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I'm of the Eagle Clan Waganakising Odawa. My name is gitchikun (Fred Harrington). Julie(My wife) and I have one daughter, Maria. Maria is a graduate of New England Culinary Institute in Vermont. She is also a graduate of North Central Michigan College where I'm currently the professor of Information Technologies. Many of you know Maria, had a bakery named Sweet Maria's Confections and now works at the Tribal Health Clinic. She's married to Rob Sargent and their son Riley (Begizo) is my ramming around partner. My hobbies are skiing, reading, camping, canoeing, and swimming.

During my hitch in the Navy I was stationed in Great Lakes IL, Orlando FL, Saratoga Spings NY, Honolulu HI, and San Francisco CA. I traveled by submarine (USS Aspro SSN 648) to the North Pole, Japan, Guam, Diego Garcia (the Footprint of Freedom), Phillipines, Alaska, Australia, and some places unknown! For you sailors out there, I'm a Golden Dragon, Shell Back and Blue Nose. Since my departure from the Navy I've worked in 16 different Nuclear plants around the country and returned to school to complete a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Arts in Educational Technology and Instructional Design. While at Michigan State University I studied abroad in four countries that were once a part of the former Soviet Union, the Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, and Lithuania. This trip was an incredible experience for me. But no matter where I've been in the world I always felt the pull home.

I feel incredibly lucky to walk the same land as my ancestors, hearing and telling some of the same stories that have been told here for a thousand years. Waganakisa (the Land of the Crooked Tree) is my homeland. I graduated from the Anishinaabemowin Instructor's Institute at Bay Mills Community College and then setup the Anishinaabemowin program at NCMC. During my previous tenure on Tribal Council I started studying business and completed a Masters in Business Administration at Lawrence Technological University. This was a personal goal for me and it has helped me understand the difference between Tribalism that spawned the original "free market" and capitalism that only benefits those at the top.

About 7 years ago my grandson got Type 1 Diabetes. It was very difficult for Maria to get sitters or help of any kind so Julie and I decided to step up. Ever since, you see Begizo and me together. Being so close to him and watching him grow with diabetes has given me a deeper understanding of our health care and social service needs.

Why run for Council again? I have 4 years before I retire and still have the energy to push an agenda. Many of you know me and know my stands, I say what I believe and believe what I say. And every once in a while I change my mind. I believe all that are on Council now and all those who will run are honorable people and promoting what they think is right. In fact I agree with most of what they have done over the last few years. And there are some things I vehemently disagree with. Any way this is the last chance I'll have to make a legislative difference. I'd like to think that in 4 years I can retire and simply work projects for children.

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